MCLE Self Study

Online MCLE Self Study FAQs

  1. I paid $25, but I can't take the test.
    When you're ready to take the test, choose the Complete Unfinished Test link in the left menu and follow the prompts. You will be taken to the MCLE article and 20 questions.
  2. When I try to take the test, I'm put in a "loop" that asks me to make another payment.
    If you already made a payment and received a confirmation, do not press the Take MCLE Test button. Instead, choose the Complete Unfinished Test link in the left menu, enter the Tester ID that was sent to your private email address of record and follow the prompts. You will be taken to the MCLE article and 20 questions. The email that contains the Tester ID is different from the payment confirmation email.
  3. I paid $25 for the wrong test. What can I do?
    If you paid $25 for a particular test, you can take only that test. If you wish to take a different test, you must pay $25 for that month. If you wish a refund, please contact us at Be sure to close and restart your web browser before trying to take a new test.
  4. I want to print the test but the font is too small to read.
    Adjust your browser settings to "zoom" in to increase the appearance of the fonts. Depending on which browser you use, this will be under the "View" menu or Tools settings. Click the plus (+) sign to increase settings to 125%.
  5. I want to print the test and mail it in.
    Do not mail in your test. All MCLE tests offered by the California Bar Journal are available only online. Only the online self-assessment tests are eligible for MCLE credit.
  6. I can't find my Tester ID. Where can I find it?
    If you have printed out your Make Online Payment page, your Tester ID is on this page. This Tester ID was also sent in an email confirmation to the account you used when you registered with the State Bar of California.
  7. How do I print out a receipt of MCLE credit?
    Choose the "Print Receipt" link located on the Left Hand Navigation Bar to the left of the MCLE Self Study article. Here is a direct link: . On this web page, you will be prompted to enter your Tester ID. Please type in the Tester ID for the receipt of the individual test you wish to print and choose the Next button. You will then be redirected to the MCLE Self Assessment Test Receipt of Credit and Answers web page for this test. To print your Receipt of Credit, please choose the "Printer friendly version - MCLE receipt only" link located on the top of this web page.
  8. I am having a problem submitting my test.
    Some test takers have experienced problems when using Internet Explorer 10. Please use a different web browser.